About Us

Blue Water Gold and Blue Water Mining were formed to use state of the art technology and equipment to mine the gold bearing sands off the coast of Nome, Alaska. During the early 1900’s, over 5 million ounces of gold was recovered on the beaches above the high tide mark. The value of that gold today would be approximately $8,000,000,000. The technology that was lacking in the early 1900’s is here today and we are putting it to use to recover the sub-sea gold those early miners simply could not reach. Over millions of years, the ocean levels have changed many times, creating three distinct submerged historical shore lines. Blue Water Gold has obtained the necessary equipment and manpower to successfully reach and recover these offshore veins of gold.



Who we are

Blue Water Gold is an underwater-mining company with leases off the coast of Nome, Alaska, using state-of-the-art dredging vessels. We process and separate the gold from the concentrated sands from the ocean floor. Processing 1 to 2 ounces per hour and with over 10 million ounces recoverable, the potential recovery is in the billions.

Project Managers

Jon Keith Byer
Mr. Byer, Age 55, was former owner and operator of Dynasty Drilling Company, a successful oil and gas drilling operation , from 1980 -84. He has served as a broker for the investment banking firm of Eppler, Guerin & Turner. He also served in the same capacity for the Principal Financial Group and A.G. Edwards for 10 years. From 2008 to current, Mr. Byer has been a distributor of U.S. minted gold. Mr. Byer served in the U.S. Military as a Navy Flight Deck Supervisor over Catapults and Arresting gear. He attended the Embry Riddle College Aeronautical University where he obtained all flight ratings held through to instructor. He is a skilled open water diver and founder of Blue Water Gold, LLC.

William Long, Ph.d., CPG
Geological Consultant
Dr. Long, polar explorer and geologist/glaciologist, continues to expand knowledge and uses of the earth and its resources. His travels include all continents with emphasis on polar areas, including five expeditions to Antarctica to map and describe geology of unknown mountain ranges in the Trans Antarctic Mountains. His Ohio Range/Nilsen Plateau stratigraphic discoveries clearly placed the Antarctic continent as part of the ancient Gondwana continent. The Long Hills in Antarctica honor his exploration and geological discoveries. As a professor William Long inspired students who have expanded his enthusiasm for understanding our earth to universities and companies across the nation and especially in Alaska. As a geologist/hydrologist for the State of Alaska Dr. Long founded the Alaska Hydrological Survey and became the State Hydrologist. As a consulting geologist/glaciologist he explored for oil on the Alaska Peninsula and the North Slope; explored for amber on Alaska’s North Slope; sulfur on the slopes of Aleutian Volcanoes; geothermal potential on Unalaska Island; and defined runoff and life of a small glacier in the Chugach Mountains. His forty seven years of life and geological work in Alaska have taken him to most parts of this polar/sub-polar state. (Five times Bill Long drove his snowmobile to Nome in the winter as a competitor in the Iron Dog Snow Mobile race.) His worldwide and polar exploration experience, as well as his unique Alaskan investigations, will all be used to define the values of the glacial, alluvial, coastal, marine earth materials of the Nome coast; and to provide the information necessary to successfully mine gold for Blue Water Gold and their partners.